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Heiko ter Haseborg, Ph.D.

Teaching Assistant Professor of German and World Language Education

Dr. ter Haseborg studied English, History, and Cultural Studies at the Universität Bremen, Germany. He completed MA degrees in Foreign Languages (TESOL) and Secondary Education at West Virginia University. He also completed a Ph.D. in Curriculum & Instruction at West Virginia University.

Heiko ter Haseborg is originally from Bremen, Germany. Holding a Ph.D. in Education from West Virginia University, he has a dual appointment in the Department of World Languages, Literatures, & Linguistics, and the Department of Curriculum and Instruction/Literacy Studies. He teaches classes in the basic German language program, as well as classes on German history of the 20th century and contemporary culture. He also teaches courses in the teacher education programs and works with students in world language education. Dr. ter Haseborg’s research interests are in world language pedagogy, learner autonomy, curriculum design, and assessment. Together with Dr. Cynthia Chalupa, he has co-authored the intermediate-level German textbook Neue Blickwinkel.  Courses taught in World Languages, Literatures, & Linguistics:  GER 101: Beginning German 1 GER 102: Beginning German 2 GER 203: Intermediate German 1 GER 204: Intermediate German 2 GER 301: Conversations in Context I: Germany and its Past GER 302: Conversations in Context II: Germany Today GER 303: Deutsche Kunst und Kultur im Wandel

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