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Sonia Zarco-Real, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Spanish

Doctor Zarco-Real completed a B.A. degree in English Philology (2006) at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, an M.A. in “Creative Writing, Literature, and Literary Theory” (2007) at the Escuela de Letras de Madrid, an M.A. in Hispanic Studies (2009) at the University of Connecticut, and a Ph.D. in Hispanic Studies (2014) at the University of Connecticut.

Dr. Zarco-Real specializes in contemporary 20th and 21st century Peninsular literature and Hispanic transatlantic studies. Her research interests also include nation-building studies, transnational studies, and Hispanic postcolonial studies. She has written several articles on these topics and she has participated in a number of peer conferences. Currently, she is working on a book-length project entitled Modernity, Hispanism, and Coloniality: Transatlantic Periodicals and the Field of Hispanic Cultural Production during Primo de Rivera’s Regime (1923-1930). At WVU, Dr. Zarco-Real teaches undergraduate courses, as well as graduate classes such as SPAN 643 Dynamics of (Post) Modernity: Nation, Resistance, and Memory in Contemporary Spanish Literature (1898-2017).

Curriculum Vitae