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Tania de Miguel Magro, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Spanish

Dr. de Miguel has a Licenciatura in Hispanic Philology form Universidad Complutense in Madrid and a Ph. D. in Hispanic Literature from Stony Brook University.

Dr. de Miguel specializes in Early Modern Spanish Theater. She is particularly interested in literature and performance as acts of subversion. Her work has appeared in journals such as Cervantes, Bulletin of the Comediantes, Romance Quarterly, RILCE, Anagnórisis, Cincinnati Romance Review, Postcript, Hipertexto, Symposium, Hispanic Studies Review, Pterodáctilo, etc. She has also prepared critical editions of Agustín Moreto (Iberoamericana and Stockcero) and student editions of Cabeza de Vaca and Horacio Quiroga (Juan de la Cuesta). At the moment, she is working on a critical edition of Lope's El príncipe inocente (Letras Áureas) and an edited volume on Social Justice. She has always been interested in the study of non-canonical texts and currently much of her research deals with entremeses and other short genres. She is the managing editor of Comedia Performance. In addition to several internal research grants, she has been awarded the Targeted Research Area Grant from the American Society for Theater Research; and travel grants from the West Virginia Humanities Council and the Program for Cultural Cooperation between the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports and United States Universities. At WVU, Dr. de Miguel has taught the following courses: Conversation, Readings in Spanish, Spanish for Heritage Speakers, Cultures of Spain, Cervantes, Medieval and Golden Age, Survey of Spanish Literature, Early Spanish Literature, Golden Age Theater, Avant-Garde, Spanish Cinema, Greek and Roman Civilization, and Methods of Research.

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