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Jonah Katz, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Linguistics

Jonah Katz completed BA degrees in music and linguistics with a minor in Spanish at UMass Amherst, and a PhD in phonetics and phonology at MIT.

Jonah Katz investigates the nature of linguistic sounds and sound patterns across human languages, in particular the ways in which the phonological patterning of contrast is affected by the articulatory, acoustic, and temporal properties of the sounds involved. He has also worked extensively on the structure and cognition of music, particularly its similarities to human languages. Recent projects have focused on English, Korean, Spanish, Campidanese Sardinian, the phonetics and rhythm of hip-hop rhymes, and the harmony of Common Practice Period ('classical') music and jazz. Jonah teaches classes in phonetics, phonology, and general linguistics at WVU. He is the advisor for the Linguistics MA.

Curriculum Vitae