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Daniel F. Ferreras, Ph.D.



French and Spanish Literatures and Cultural Studies

Daniel Ferreras Savoye teaches French and Spanish languages, literatures and cultures both at the undergraduate and graduate levels. His research interests are popular literature, cinema and culture, and literary and cultural theory, notwithstanding the occasional incursions into the works of well-respected literary figures such as Cervantes, Edgar Allan Poe, Guy de Maupassant and Emilia Pardo Bazán. A revised and augmented version of his first book, Lo Fantástico en la literatura y en el cine (Vosa, 1996), an influential and often cited essay on the theory of the fantastic, was recently re-published by ACVF (2014) in the digital format, which demonstrates the currency of his earlier research. Daniel has also published extensively on critical theory and popular culture studies, challenging the existing canonical certainties regarding the field of literature and promoting a more comprehensive view of our corpus of study to include cinema, comic books and songs as legitimate areas of scholarly inquiry. His essay on James Bond, The Signs of James Bond (MacFarland, 2013), explores the correlations between form and content throughout the adventures of 007, both on the page and on the screen, in order to explain the remarkable endurance of everybody’s favorite secret agent.

Selected Publications

Beyond Literary Studies: a Counter-Theoretical Approach

            Jefferson (NC): MacFarland, 2017.

“Richard Matheson and the Twilight Fantastic.” Popular Culture Review,

Vol. 26, No. 1,Winter 2015 (45-65.)

Lo Fantástico en la literatura y en el cine (revised and augmented edition)

ACVF, October 2014.

The Signs of James Bond: Semiotic Explorations in the Universe of 007

Jefferson (NC): MacFarland, 2013.

“Introduction to Parallel Dimensions Studies.” Popular Culture Review,

24.1, Winter 2013 (25-40.)

“Detective Fiction and the Myth of the Urban Truth.” Ángulo Recto. Revista

de estudios sobre la ciudad como espacio plural, Volumen04-1/varia04 ISSN: 1989-4015, Spring 2013. Online at

“Postmodern Doom and Transmetropolitan Redemption.” En: Ángulo

Recto. Revista de estudios sobre la ciudad como espacio plural, vol. 4, núm. 1, pp. 153-170. ISSN: 1989-4015, Fall 2012. Online at

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“Comic Books and the New Literature.” Popular Culture Review, 22.2, Summer 2011 (25-36.)

“Homosexual Desire and Gender Bending in Pardo Bazan’s Los Pazos de

Ulloa.” La Tribuna, 7, 2010 (267-274.)

“The Birth of Counter Theory.” Popular Culture Review, Vol.20, 2, Summer

2009 (5-15.)

“El viaje semiótico inacabable de Don Quijote.” Lectura y Signo, Vol. 1,

Prensas de la Universidad de León, 2005.

“Fictional Strategies in El pensador matritense by José Clavijo y Fajardo.”

Hispania 78, n.4, December 95 (780-787.)


Curriculum Vitae