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The Russian Program is currently working to develop a comprehensive study abroad package at State Petersburg State University, which offers summer and semester- or year-long packages. In the meantime, students are encouraged to explore their options and other programs, with the caveat that not all programs are academically equal. Please discuss any study abroad plans with Dr. Di Bartolomeo.


The University of Tartu, in cooperation with WVU, now offers an exciting study abroad option. Students may join Tartu’s baltic studies or transition studies and study over the summer or the course of a semester. Students choosing to study in Estonia are encouraged to continue their study of Russian, and to enhance their knowledge by traveling to Russia from Estonia over the course of their stay. For more information, please see Dr. DiBartolomeo.

Transitional Economies

Each year, economics Professor Bill Trumbull leads a group of students to Eastern Europe, alternating between Prague, Czech Republic, and Warsaw, Poland. This study abroad is tied directly to the course ECON 453 and requires participation in the travel as well as the lecture portion of the course.