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These major is being discontinued and is no longer admitting new students. Visit Academic Transformation page on the Eberly College website for more information.

Spanish is the second most commonly spoken language internationally. It is spoken in Spain, Equatorial Guinea, the Sahara, Central and South America (except Brazil and the Guayanas) and parts of the United States and the Philippines.

Over the past three decades, the Hispanic population has increased tremendously in the United States and has become the largest minority group. As a result, the United States, economically and culturally, is becoming more closely integrated with the Spanish-speaking world. Learning Spanish can help to open doors in your future career. 

Not only will Spanish prepare you for living in an increasingly global society, but you also will develop a better understanding of other peoples´ values and beliefs, and ultimately, a better knowledge of your own culture.

Our basic Spanish courses provide you with the fundamentals of the language and an awareness of the wealth and variety of Hispanic cultures. These courses are taught in Spanish and are designed to lead to further study as a major or minor in Spanish, but they may also be used to satisfy the world language requirement in your major or General Education Foundations courses. 

Our advanced Spanish courses are taught in Spanish and are designed to help you expand and improve your skills in Spanish as well as to acquire more knowledge about Hispanic cultures. These courses emphasize conversation, reading and composition, advanced grammar, culture and civilization and literature. 

Course Descriptions