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Russian Studies

These major is being discontinued and is no longer admitting new students. Visit Academic Transformation page on the Eberly College website for more information.

Russian is a vibrant modern language with a rich and fascinating history. Today, more than 280 million people speak Russian in many different countries. Learning Russian is a challenge, but it is also useful. 

Russia's vast mineral wealth and resources guarantee its place in the world economy; its enormous geographical size spans the Eurasian landmass; its continued dominance on the world political stage necessitates our careful study of its history, culture, language and politics. 

Learning Russian is a gateway to one of the world's largest nations. It is clear that knowing the language of a country always aids in securing better ties and relationships, whether in a private company or a government agency. Learning Russian can also facilitate work in many of the nations of the former Soviet Union, because Russian is still often the language of business and public life. Although Russia's military dominance is not what it was at the height of the Cold War, it continues to have a presence in the global arena.

Our majors that integrate Russian language study are the Russian studies major and the Slavic and East European Studies major. These majors will provide you with a well-rounded course of study, with concentrations on either Russia proper or other areas of Eastern Europe and the Slavic world.

Our program concentrates on developing speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. You will work on conversation, comprehension, grammar and structure, using a communicative approach. Although Russian cannot be mastered quickly or easily, students who complete four years of Russian study are well-equipped to live and work in Russia or to move on to successful careers or graduate study.

Knowledge of Russian is a natural companion to a business degree. Similarly, Russian continues to be a language of strategic national importance, one emphasized by the U.S. government. 

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