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Latin American Studies

These major is being discontinued and is no longer admitting new students. Visit Academic Transformation page on the Eberly College website for more information.

Current global events—including significant regional trade agreements, questions about the United States’ role in the region, and the increasing economic importance of Brazil and Venezuela—have sparked renewed interest in Latin America. With interdisciplinary courses spanning upper division Spanish to sociology, students gain a grasp of the region’s past, present and future.

In today’s increasingly global setting, business, diplomacy and scholarship all benefit from a thorough knowledge of at least one foreign language and a familiarity with the culture, history and economics of the region speaking that language.  La tin American Studies allows you to concentrate your  coursework on a region of the world with unque stioned social and economic importance.

A degree in Latin American Studies will prepare you for further study in graduate or professional schools as well as contribute to a background that may be applied to work in government, foreign service, non-governmental organizations and international business or law. This program will help you become a well-trained, motivated and enthusiastic specialist in this region, sought after by the government and the private sector alike.

Course Descriptions