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M.A. in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

Our graduate programs are being discontinued and are no longer admitting new students. Visit Academic Transformation page on the Eberly College website for more information.

The M.A. program in TESOL prepares teachers to teach English as a second language in an English-speaking setting as well as English as a foreign language in countries around the world. The program includes 30 hours of coursework focusing on language, linguistics, literature and culture in conjunction with different aspects of teaching English, while balancing both the theoretical and practical aspects of TESOL. The program may be completed either by taking comprehensive exams, or by writing and defending a Master's thesis. The program is intended for students who seek specialized knowledge in order to pursue an English as a second language teaching career, as well as for students who plan to prepare for doctoral studies in applied linguistics.

The M.A. program in TESOL may be combined with the Graduate Certificate in Linguistics or Spanish to add an additional area of specialization, with courses counting toward both the degree program and the certificate when requirements overlap.

Course Descriptions