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Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

The M.A. program in TESOL prepares teachers to teach English as a second language in an English-speaking setting as well as English as a foreign language in countries around the world. The program features a focus on language, linguistics, literature and culture in conjunction with different aspects of teaching English while balancing both the theoretical and practical aspects of TESOL to meet our students' professional needs.

Graduates of our program follow different career paths, ranging from teaching in the public schools to teaching English overseas to pursuing doctoral degrees. Our diverse student population fosters a rich learning environment for students and faculty alike, which leads to lively and interesting cultural exchanges. Students in the program benefit greatly from the close ties and cooperation with the Intensive English Program through tutoring projects, classroom observations, conversation partners, the English conversation table, and other IEP activities. Our students are also encouraged to become professionally active in state, regional and national professional conferences.

Course Descriptions